taskTome 1.1

Calendar, tasks and financial manager in one personal organizer


  • Nice interface
  • Comprehensive personal information manager
  • You can export your data


  • Finance module too simple
  • Currency and date in US format only
  • Public holiday calendars limited to a few countries


taskTome is a multi-functional personal organizer to help you keep all aspects of your life in check.

taskTome includes a calendar, task and note functions and personal finance manager. The full-featured calendar and note tools are useful for both personal and professional aspects of your life, with pre-set and customizable planning categories, as well as having the option to add public holiday calendars from a variety of countries - the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The personal finance manager is a tool that you don’t normally find on this type of personal organizer. taskTome allows you to keep a track of your cash and bank accounts, visualize them in 3D graphic form, calculate interest accrued and export data to PDF.

Unfortunately, taskTome’s financial functions are only available in dollars, while the calendar and other functions only display the date in US format (i.e. month/day/year). The personal finance manager, although an interesting touch, is far too simple for anybody who is dealing with financial concepts that go beyond pocket money or profits from a paper round.

taskTome makes a good attempt at a personal organizer, but unfortunately the finance module isn’t sufficiently advanced for most adults’ lives.



taskTome 1.1

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